Alexa adds support for Hindi, India's most widely used language

Amazon Echo device (Andres Urena/Pexels)

Alexa can now converse with users in Hindi, culminating a yearlong push to support India's most popular language across Amazon's platform. Previously, Amazon added Alexa support for Hinglish, a colloquial mix of Hindi and English. The company also added Hindi text to and its app last year.

Hindi, the most widely spoken language in India, is the fourth most spoken language in the world.

Amazon also said that Alexa-enabled devices will soon support multi-lingual interactions, meaning that users can switch between Hindi and English when talking to Alexa in the near future.

The way Indian users interact with Alexa may differ from customers elsewhere, which could strengthen Alexa's ability to understand questions posed in unconventional ways. Rohit Prasad, Amazon's VP of Alexa AI, said the following at a press conference today:

A lot of how people in India engage with their smartphones and internet services is different from those in the United States. For instance, in India, people often search the name of an actor instead of the singer or the band when they are looking for a particular song

Amazon Alexa

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